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Baroque and modern flute

Rehearsal on a Bressan

Rehearsing at home with Ensemble Molière

Flute eyes

A little fun during the photoshoot by Max Mausen

Ensemble Molière photoshoot

Photo by Harry Roth

Baroque Piccolo

Playing baroque piccolo in EUBO

Modern flute

First ever headshot by my dad

Classical flute

Playing my Grenser in the garden in Berlin

Flavia Hirte

Many years ago, by my dad

Flavia Hirte

Baroque Flute picture in Hyde Park 2014

Classical Flute made by R. Tutz

Flavia with her 8-keyed classical flute made by R. Tutz in Innsbruck.

Performance on 14th June 2013

Taken at the premiere performance of a new edition of the A major flute concerto by Johann Baptist Wanhal.

G.A. Rottenburgh

Posing at home Photo by my dad

Renaissance Flute

Hatchlands Park March 2013 First ever performance on a renaissance flute Photo by James Johnston

Flute and harp

Performing with Murdo Macrae on harp

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